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How many pretty things can you make with a Mason Jar?
Well, I can make at least two!!
Mason jars are not something we look at with artistic eyes until we "play with it"...
I bought mine from a mission store at .50 cents each. These jars are actually vintage, they were in some body's kitchen back in the '50s or '60s and now they are in my garage waiting to be re-done!

I spray painted mine with black inside and white outside.sadly, the paint costed me a lot more than the jars...

After the jars are dry, I sanded lightly over the designs to show the writings and floral designs better as the black inside paint peeks through, I added a rustic style bow and there you have it!

 A new mason jar!

 I added some flowers and put it on my front porch but then...

I brought it indoors and turned it in to an utensil holder for my lovely kitchen!

I'm planning to keep making mason jars just a bit more pretty and useful...

to be continued.

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