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... "The best gift you can give to someone is the gift of inspiration" ...


Meet Claire!is showing you her pretty bow and letting you know its hers...

This cute little character  was created out of 100% pure inspiration, unplanned and un-patented, Claire is made of roving, also called wool.

Claire was the result of 6 hours of poking through the wool with a needle that shaped her to become who she is.
Her life-like eyes were hand painted with acrylics on 2 sewing pins. Her yellow bow is made of a tiny piece of leather and her soft fluffy ears were constructed of  shaped pieces of

felt that were hand painted  for added dimension and character.

It is hard to look at Claire's face and not smile...

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  1. Aysh!! me encanta el conejito…

  2. Es una monada, a que si?... esta es la que mas me gustade todas mis creacciones aunque de alguna manera echo de menos a Paco... jejeje


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