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"J" is for Jennifer!

We live in the era of monograms. Everyone owns something monogrammed to their initials, whether is a pair of cuff-links or pretty bathroom towels, everyone has something...  I made something special for my son's girlfriend, Jennifer just because once in a while i like to remind people I love that they're special to me.
 I made this project with a letter made of chipboard, a few cupcake covers, a bit of ink and a stamp and some fashion jewelry for drama and class.

This is how I did it...

Chipboard alphabets are easy to find in the craft section of most large department stores, they come in many different sizes and font styles and most come in plain kraft paper finishes because it is easy to work with, you can paint it, glue on it, decoupage it, glitter it or even hand draw in it!!

For this project I used cupcake covers just because I loved the vintage little flowers in these ones but you can use any other type of paper, of course.
I used "mod podge" to glue it on the chipboard and I also used it to seal the paper after I cut it to make sure it wouldn't open or crack.


When dried, ink a pretty design on the letter and slide the ink pad over the entire edge of the letter, this will instantly age it and give it that "vintage" feel.
I took some more of those pretty cupcake covers and made a simple paper flower with it.
When the ink is completely dry, glue some bits and pieces from your fashion jewelry box and watch it come alive!

Let me know what you think of this project, leave me some comments!


  1. Hola!! Pero este adorno también lo has hecho tú, Viky??… Me encanta!!

    1. Claro que si, se lo hice a Jennifer tan solo para recordarle que le queremos.

  2. Wow it's absolutely beautiful and so easy & cheap to do but looks expensive😀


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