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Paper flowers constructed of coffee filters?... 
Yeap, why not?

Paper flowers constructed of coffee filters?...
Yeap, why not?
Since I bought that Keurig coffee machine, my coffee filters have been kinda..... neglected. :0)

I don't even own a coffee machine that takes filters anymore!! and the fact of the matter is, filters are made of paper and I love paper crafts so... I made some pretty flowers with my Natural Brown Melitta coffee filters and they look amazing, so pretty, I decided to incorporate them on to my home decor by placing them on a raised artificial topiary tree I have in my living room. 

A short string of Christmas lights will give them a beautiful glow all year round.Wanna learn how to make one?, check my DIY tutorial here...

All you'll need for this project is:
* 3 natural brown filters per flower* Floral tape

* scissors

* 1 skewer per flower
* glue gun

Cut out the shape of your petals inn the shape shown below. 
You'll need 4 different size petals and about 16 petals in total per flower.

Glue your first petal to the skewer wrapping it around like so.

keep gluing the first few petals overlapping each one until a full circle of 4 petals is form.

After the first row, use the the floral tape to place the remaining petals, that will allow you to re-position the petals after the flower is finished in case you need to. you can always apply more glue to the base of the petals to make secure them after you arrange them to make it more sturdy.

After your rows of petals are all taped, glued and secured to the skewer, cut the skewer to the length you want and PRESTO!

 you got yourself a pretty coffee filter flower.

You can use these flowers  to decorate your home, like i did, to use on gifts instead of bows or even to put on your hair if you make them smaller.

Have fun creating and don't forget to send me a picture of yours!

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