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Or, Floral ball... :0)

Although the name is fancy, it really is only a floral ball but it had a
purpose back in the days when they knew it as a "Pomander"...
POMANDER: From French, pomme d'ambre, is a ball made of perfumes. The pomander was worn or carried in a vase, also known by the same name, as a protection against infection in times of pestilence or merely as a useful article to modify bad smells.(thank you Wikipedia)

This is how I did it...

As usual, I found most of my stuff at my local dollar store.
This is what I used:
1. A foam ball $1.25
2. A pack of foam roses $2.00
3. A bag of dry moss $1.25
4. Lace & ribbon (I had)
5. A Glue sticks 1.25
so this project costed me only $5.75!!

I started by applying hot glue onto the surface of the foam ball sparingly and sticking the moss in batches pressing hard enough not to break this fragile, messy material.

So when you're done it would look like this.

Then I used a metal pin through the foam flower's body all the way to the base of the flower like this...

and I glued hot glue to the base of the flower and the pin like so...

and I pushed the pinned flower quickly onto the foam ball before the glue cools off. Try keeping a uniform distance between the flowers in ratio to the size of the moss ball to make it visually full.

I wrapped a pretty shabby lace-like ribbon over the ball securing it with hot glue along the diameter in a conspicuous manner and tied a droopy bow at the top.

I glued the last flower on to the heart of my lace bow to secure it tightly. 

To hang it, I used a 2' long, wrinkled organza like ribbon that complemented  the soft hues already in place. 

This time I only  crossed the ends over (no bow) but i used an embellishment to ad more character.
I glued it at the back of the bow very neatly. This is where you really want to use enough glue to make it as sturdy as possible. 

and that's it!... I don't think this project took me longer than  25 minutes to put together so if you're thinking on making  a dozen or two to decorate you wedding hall or the church, this project would be very easy, specially if you get some help.

Thanks for reading my post!

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