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I have great and exciting news!
I'm opening a little, very little, and by "little" I mean... tiny, itsy bitsy, minuscule S.h.o.p and it will look almost like the one on the picture!  --->

My husband is putting a garden shed in my yard for me to use as a weekend shop. A cute, girly place to show my friends all my crafts and offer them for sale while enjoying tea & biscuits and beautiful music.

I've dreamed about a place like this for ever! and although I never had one before, it never stopped me from making things, starting projects or experimenting with new arts and crafts.
I always wanted  something like this to showcase them and offer them to my friends in a fun and relaxing atmosphere.

I'm thinking of a cute name for my shop, something that will reflect my personality and style but I take suggestions if you have any... Please leave yours under "Post a comment"!

Have a great day!
Victoria M.M.

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