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Floral Crowns for fairies and princesses...
I still remember when I used to dress up like a princess with all the trims, the jewelry, the makeup and of course, the flower crown!!

Every little girl want to look and feel like a fairy or Princess...

These two floral crowns are very different, the blue one is constructed of delicate paper flowers and a vintage up cycled 
doily and the other is a more traditional crown with silk flowers and ribbon.
I made the crowns small enough to fit a young girl but also large enough to fit a women's head just in case the princess is a bit older than we thought... These can be the perfect "one-of-a-kind" gift to a daughter, grandchild or friend's kid but  some of my customers buy it as props for their child's photography session.

My crowns and floral crowns are now available for sale on my Etsy Shop Burlap & Lace Club
visit my shop and spread the word!!

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