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... "The best gift you can give to someone is the gift of inspiration" ...


This pretty purple wooden box will most certainly hold precious things for precious people.

I made this box to be sent over to my sisters in Spain. I needed a sturdy box to protect what's going inside because it will be delivered by mail overseas Canada-Spain.

The inside will hold all the little needle felted sculptures I been making this past winter to be reunited with their respective owners as I made one sculpture for each of my sisters... I have 7 sister!!

This is how I did it...

These are the materials needed for this easy project

*The box was unpainted ply wood from the Dollar Store @ $3.
*The paper embellishment is a cupcake cover cut to fit the top of the box.

*The flower was also from the dollar store.

*The key cost me only one dollar!!

**The little white picture frame was too heavy to be sent as a parcel oversea
s, so I ended up not using it.

I begun by painting the box with a mixture of water base acrylic paint mixed with water, I then started constructing 
the flower by removing the hard plastic center replacing it with a loose piece of jewel I found in my studio for an extra bling and a white scalloped paper for backdrop to create more contrast and to tie it with the pretty lace-like paper embellishments on the side of the box which I simply cut to fit from cupcake covers resembling white lace.I glued some half pearls to the edge of the box where the lace paper just to ad more drama. I then I glued a key under the label slot for even more drama.

This project was truly easy to do and very inexpensive. Use it for yourself or give away as a gift box, just like I did!! :0)


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