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A high table with a lot more personality...
The weather was so nice  this morning I didn't think about it too much and went for it!!

Re-doing furniture is one of my latest favorite things to do and this high table was waiting for the right moment.

Nothing a good sanding won't do...
This piece is actually made of commercial grade MDF, not solid wood. It was originally stained in espresso and the previous owner painted it in white but missed a lot of spots so I just continued with the "rustic" feel and sanded everywhere around  it breaking, (in purpose), strategically chosen areas to display the dark brown and create the dramatic contrast I was looking for.

... A very beautiful ceramic knob mounted on a pretty scalloped shape piece of wood was just the perfect touch for this piece, isn't it stunning!

I'm still looking for things to display on the shelves but I think I like the oversize glass jar on top... and It looks really nice in contrast against all that dark wood on the main staircase, it sure brightens it all up!!

Thanks for reading! :0)

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