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... "The best gift you can give to someone is the gift of inspiration" ...


Paula Robinson's Glass Garden Totems

Here we are, Paula (in red) and me, two crafty gals trying effortlessly to inspire  others through creations purely made from the heart. Paula's whimsical glass garden totems are simply magical,

they really take your breath away!
you wonder why people discard their glassware in such abundance when it can be used in such regal manner, at the same time, you're also glad that people like Paula find them before mishandled beyond repair!!
This little Britt lady isn't only funny, kind and talented, she's generous at heart too, in the winter months she spends  a great amount of time knitting scarfs that selflessly hands out to the underprivileged.......what a wonderful way to share your talent and your time...

I heard about her in many conversations before through a friend of mine but I'm glad I got to know her personally and I really hope I can spend time with her in hopes that her talents will somehow be contagious... 

This is the Glass Garden Totem I bought from Paula Robinson this weekend, It is now elegantly decorating my dinning room table but one day I'll show it off to my neighbours and put it outside in the yard... its so beautiful I'm scared Ontario's crazy summer weather could break it!!! lol   

Thank you Paula!!


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