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Live Picture Frame
with succulent plants...

what a great project!

I first saw these "life picture frames" at the T.O Home Show in Ontario Place.

I couldn't believe these amazing works of art could be done so easily and I promised myself to try making one right away.... little did I know, it wasn't the plants I was going to have trouble with, it was the frame!!!

The frame needed to be deep enough to fill-in  with soil so I thought... VALUE VILLAGE!

30 minutes and $3 bucks latter...
Of course I needed to take all apart, so I did.

So, I covered it with soil, special soil for these kind of plants that you can find at floral shops.

I then put a plastic net to prevent the soil from getting out and carefully poked through the stringy roots of my plants until they felt firmly tucked to the soil.

I realize that the more plants I put in the frame the better the plants stayed on the frame because they tangled to each other as if they hugged. 

The final result was simply WOW!

My beautiful life picture frame  grew  and grew over the summer and fall months but in the winter I took it inside the house and.... poooof!... gone, all dead :0(

Someone told me it was the heating that dried them but I gave them water almost daily so I'm confused about that...

I'll be making another one this summer so I'll post pictures when its done.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Maybe watering them every day did it, I had one die inside that I was watering. Its a beautiful project.

    1. Probably, I miss it :0(
      I'll be making one for this spring for sure, it was fun and easy and I saved the frame!!

  2. I'm a florist and watering succulents that much would kill them. A light misting would have been more appropriate. A lot of cold or lack of light cold be a problem. They can take cooler air but not drafts of near freezing. They store water in the fleshy leaves so freezing will break down cells.

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