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Halloween Project II
Another quick project to ad even more impact to your Halloween decor display. Your trick or treaters will love it!

I had some large white beads I knew I wasn't going to need for jewelry so I turned them in to eyeballs for my front door display.
The idea was simple...make an impact without creating a goofy feel, so I paired them with my beautiful apothecary bottles and a decorated spooky bag and they look absolutely cute and scary at the same time.
This is how I did it!...

These eyeballs are so easy to make...all you need to do is see the DIY pictures and you'll understand.

Watch a video of my Halloween display table!!

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  1. EXCELLENT!!!!! I have a ton of white beads I wont ever use! And I wouldnt have thought of this! Great idea, thanks! And, my son is going to love the finished product...rolling around in a jar, or clear glass bowl! Lol! ....or should I say,,,Muuuuaaaahhhaahhaahahaaaaa!!! ;)


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