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Love Potions, Spiders AND Claws...

What a fun and easy project this was!!...

I've been collecting apothecary bottles all year but I wasn't sure what for until I saw them on the stores decorated as props for Halloween. I figured it would be easy to make them myself so I browsed on the net for ideas on how to apply designs onto glass with texture and guess what I found...
....Hot glue and paint!!

My DIY will show you exactly how to do it...

For this project all you need is some bottles (glass is best), hot glue gun and paint and ink.

To create an opaque effect, pour some craft paint inside the bottle and turn upside down on a paper towel to get ride of the excess.

As you can see, I started working on my clear bottles while letting the other one dry...
All I did was designing something spooky on the bottle with the hot glue gun without burning my fingers... well, almost... ouch!

Once the glue is dry and cool, I used my ink pad to rub the design allowing some of the ink to run on to the rest of the bottle.

Here you can see my design on both, the clear and the grey opaque bottles.

I added some twine on the neck of the bottles and painted the lids in black and ....voila!

Placing them on candle holders and stand makes them standout even more!!

Watch a video of my Halloween display table!!


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