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A Dream Catcher is whimsical on its own...

...but this dream catcher has also a romantic vintage feel too, kinda like a clash of styles but at the end, it worked!

I was lucky enough to have found two huge rolls of cotton thread I used them for this project because they looked very similar to the doily thread so the effect was even better as it looked as if the center crochet piece was knotted  on the dream catcher itself.

This is how I did it...

Please note: There's some complexity on the making of a dream catcher only if it is your first time, if you need extra help please visit this link  for a more detailed explanation. 

I started by attaching a piece of cotton string to each of the ends of the crochet star shape that will go on the center of the dream catcher.

like so.

Then I attached each of those  strings onto the metal hoop that will define the dimension of my dream catcher.
I used a metal embroidery hoop, you can find them at Michaels but i got mine a lot cheaper at my local thrift shop, in the sewing  isle.

When done, it should look like this...
You must make sure that the strings are firmly attached to the metal hoop, you could glue the tips if you want, I didn't.

I then  unrolled some  cotton thread but i didn't cut it because i wasn't sure how much i would need so I suggest you just unroll as needed and  play along like I did, it worked just fine!

I started  wrapping  around the metal hoop making sure it was completely covered in cotton thread.

like so...

This is where it can get messy...

If you can't follow my instruction you can click 
this link to see a Youtube video of how to knot your dream catcher.

Now it's time to start creating the web!!
Wrap your thread (see Fig1.)leaving equal gaps.
(gaps distance depends on the dimension of your hoop)

Make sure you leave the thread loose at every turn until you cover the entire circle.(see Fig2.)

Now you have to do the same this but instead of wrapping it on the metal hoop you wrap it on the middle of the loose thread (see Fig3.) 

You can see in this picture that I used knots rather than just looping the thread, I felt that was going to give me more stability.

See my knotting better here.

and here  you can see how i did 2 rounds already.

And here I show you the third round.
I ended up doing only the 3 rounds because I felt that with the doily in the center it was getting too crowded so I stopped there.

Next, I attached  some of the cotton thread to the bottom of the dream catcher along with  some pretty lace.

I decided I was going to decorate my dream catcher with vintage touches such as pearl beads and a beautiful white key I found also at Michaels. I also used  a few white feathers.

It really ended up looking vintage and shabby chic.
I gave this dream catcher to my niece Yolanda who just got married.

I hope you liked this tutorial!!


  1. I have been wanting to make a dream catcher but not a traditional one and this is perfect! Thanks for posting!

    1. You're welcome!! I'm so glad I was able to help. Please keep checking my Blog for more crafts to come.
      Merry Christmas!!


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