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I'm curing my chalkboard!
A chalkboard needs to be cured to avoid engraving permanent marks but if you're anything like me you probably thought chalkboards were all ready to use when you first bring them from the store right? well, no! they're not...why??

 I'm thinking is because when un-cured the board repels stains. 
The "greasy" protective coat in it is just a way to keep it intact until you bring your board home where you'll have to cure it to make sure your designs don't become permanent, 
I learned this the hard way and now I have to paint one of my boards with chalk paint paint which isn't cheap... go figure!

Anyhow, this is how I cured (or seasoned) my chalkboard...
I purchased a couple of boxes of white chalk from Michaels Crafts, they were really cheap... $1.50/box
Holding the piece of chalk sideways rather than from the end,  start  by rubbing it  gently on the blackboard.

This is gonna get messy but you must do it!!

Make sure you rub your chalk  horizontally and vertically until the whole surface is completely covered.

and now the fun starts!!
with a dry and clean cloth, remove your chalk marks off the board, pay attention to the corners and whatever you do... DON'T WET THE BOARD!!...that will only regress your board to stage one and you'll have to start all over again.

If you did it right the first time your board will look cloudy and you're done but if you missed any spots or the board seems too "greasy" or dark after you dust it, you'll have to repeat the I did :0)

This time I did it right and after I dust off all the chalk from my board it looked cloudy and nice!

So I wrote a menu with the names of my favorite Spanish "tapas", the perfect addition to my Classy Bistro dining room theme.

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  1. Hi there. I'm making an outdoor chalkboard to screw to the fence for for my children . When it gets wet from rain , will I need to re season it?


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