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As organic as plastic flowers can be...

this is a permanent version of a fresh greens and blooms chandelier I saw on-line.

To start up the year I've also started a new project, one that will compliment the theme for my next photo-shoot session with Jo-Anne Haley from She wants to marry nature with romance and came up with "Marsala, Reds, Purples and Gold tied with ivories" ....that's a long list of beautiful colours, all of them waiting to be united in one single shade of passionate elegance.
This is gonna be fun!!

My DIY for this project contains more images than usual so bare with me...

Firstly, you need to collect a lot of artificial greens and blooms. Mine came from the local thrift store, the dollar store, garage sales and clearance sales from Michaels.

The very first thing you  got to do is to create a sturdy circumference, a structure that will hold it self and the weigh of all the flowers you're gonna be putting in it so... 

....I got 2 grapevine wreaths of about 30" in diameter and tied them together back to back, that gave me a very strong structure base.
My wreaths came with greenery already installed but if your doesn't... start attaching your greens because that's a very important step for this project.

 Don't be stingy, install  enough greenery to give a good impression!!!

ok, now its time to plan your flower's positioning so my advice to you is, keep it symmetrical!!.. 

I started working on 2 sides of the circumference at the same time, that helped me keep symmetrical then, I filled in the gaps.

I knew that in order to suspend the bling-bling I wanted to add to this chandelier, I had to create some kind of center inside the circumference so I opted for these branches I had.

I broke off the fragile branches and keep the stems which I cleverly attached onto my circumference using green wire.

At the end it looked kinda like a wheel...

I bought these greenery stringy things from the Dollar Tree for about $3 CAD each (got 3) and proceeded to weave it through the brunches wheel.

pretty easy stuff, ha?...

The I prepared my precious crystal tears and my  dangling beads to add them to my "wheel".

like so...I used earring  clasps because I found it easy to install and adjust but you can use anything... wire, ribbon...

This next step is optional!!

Now we're gonna build the top center piece that I like to add to this already dramatic chandelier but I think it needs the height to keep it balance but it is entirely up to you.

I gathered the little pieces of twigs that I broke when cleaning the branches that I put on the center of the chandelier, remember?...

I tied them on a small bunch and secure it with hot glue. I then added it to the final project just by placing it on the center of the chandelier like a crown.

Next, add some nice and strong ribbon to hold the chandelier from the top.
I used a strong gauge wire to create 3 loops from which I tied the ribbons. 

Be sure you seperate the wire loops from the same distance so you can achieve a well balanced chandelier.

like this!

or like this... isn't just beautiful!!!
(here's without the twig top)

(here's with the twig top piece)

I hope you liked this project as much as I do, thanks for visiting my Blog!!

Charlie LOVES it!


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