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For once, the brackets are the ones ON TOP, or at least for this project!!
Sometimes, the bracket can be better looking than the items it supports and that's why I refused putting my beautiful, country style, porch wood brackets under anything..... no sir, this time they go ON TOP!!
This is the "before the revelation" pic.. not much of an upgrade until I started playing with vinegar, steal-wool pads and craft paint.

the results were so impressive!!

This is how I did it.
Firstly, I gather my "tools"
* Apple cider vinegar (the cheap kind is fine)
* Steal-wool pads
* Any craft latex paint (not shown in this pic, sorry)
I used an "antique white" craft paint from the Dollar Store.* A sponge brush
* Two wooden brackets (you may already have them but if you don't, check your local thrift shop, Michaels stores, home depot and Lowes stores)

My brackets, which I bought at my local thrift shop for $5/each,

are made of pine wood so they're very light and soft but I'm pretty sure you can use any other type of wood brackets for this project.

I painted the whole piece with my "antique white" craft paint.

because I have no patience left after raising 4 children, I couldn't wait for the paint to dry either so I sanded the bracket while wet...

and repeated the process with the apple cider vinegar and painted it a second time.

Perhaps if I waited for the paint to dry I didn't had to repeat that process

for a 3rd time, I sanded the bracket with my steal-wool pad still wet with vinegar...I kinda smelled like a salad by then but it was worth it...

This time it worked ! and it was the effect I was really looking for. The paint was coming out sporadically in some areas rather than uniformly, I LIKED THAT, A LOT!!

See how beautiful it came out?

This was really worth repeating over and over again, it even was worth wasting that $x bottle of vinegar!!


I hope you enjoyed this project!
Thanks for reading!!


  1. I really love your Brackets on Top idea. Gives me all kinds of ideas on how to use Brackets in different ways beside on top of images.

  2. What's the Apple vinegar support to do ? Thanks

    1. the apple vinegar was used to add to the "old wood" appearance. It looked even better after it dried.

  3. I'm thinking that metalic technique on smaller decorative brackets would make great bookends for a shelf.

    1. I totally agree.... In fact, I made some once, they looked great! :0)

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