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Display your small trinkets and other tiny stuff in style with a mini board like this one!
So easy, so fun, so...COOL!

This little board made a great gift for my teenage daughter, this is how I did it!!

Basswood panels, also known as wood painter's canvas, is easy to find but if you don't want to run around checking in places like the Dollar Store or the Home Depot you'll find it at Michaels Crafts for a few dollars depending on the dimension.

This is the way they look, they sell them unfinished, no paint, no prime and ready to go.
( I forgot to take a picture of mine before I started the project, sorry)

For this easy project you're going to need the following materials:

* A basswood panel (or any other wood, your preference)I like basswood because it' very easy to work with.
You also have the option to  make a bigger board, not a mini one like me.

* Twine string. Enough to go around your board several times.

* A Wood stapler.

* Any colour of Shoe polish, but you can use paint or any type of wood stain.

* A hook (also optional)

Obviously, I started by staining the board with my black shoe polish and then I let it dry.
Next I stapled the end of my piece of twine on the back of the board like so...

I made sure it wont move...

Next, you just have to wrap your board strategically to form a zig-zag pattern that will allow you to use to hang your trinkets.

Now you have to secure the strings placement with staples, the reason for this is to prevent the string from moving as they could  position themselves in ways that wont let you display your trinkets neatly.

I then screwed a small nail through the back of my panel to  add a hook for longer items such as belts or necklaces.

This is how it looked like once installed, neat uh?

now all is left to do is  to prepare it for hanging. All I did was adding a picture hook on the middle back of the frame and...PRESTO!

It ended up looking so pretty and original! My daughter loved it...she even instagrammed it to all her friends!!

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