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There's something very romantic about these flower pots...

For this easy but very beautiful project you will need a couple of things from your granny's sewing  basket unless...

...unless you happen to have some vintage looking lace, appliques and trim.

I actually got mine from the thrift shop.

Every time I go there I pass by the sewing section and find amazing things, check it out, you may find great stuff!!

Things you need for this project:

* A flower pot, I found these ones with texture in them but you can try this with the regular ceramic pots found anywhere.
*A vintage looking Doily.

*Lace trim

* 1 Lace applique

* Paint

* Hot glue

I started by painting the pots with  some left over paint from a sample colour that I chose for my guest bedroom

Its a nice shade of golden grey.

I covered the entire outside of the pot but left the interior intact in case I decide to put a real plant one day so the paint didn't hurt the plant.

I sanded the pot after it dried for extra character.

I then painted the applique with the same paint, I only did one applique and saved the other for another project.

I then glued the applique to the pot, I used some hot glue but if you're going to use that make sure you  apply it thinly and on the edges so it doesn't "bleed" through the fabric.


Now I'm going to show you how I made the other flower pot using a doily.

Doilies are very easy to find nowadays, you can go to the thrift shop, garage sales or even ask your grandma but if you still can't find it, Michaels has them too...but the  new type... I prefer the vintage feel for this project so if you end up with a newer type, wash it in tea for a few minutes, dry and use... it'll look just as old as mine.

I cut the center of the doily to create the trim.

I then glued it onto the edge of my pot with hot glue. a neat way. 

And I also glued the beautiful lace trim on top of the doily.

And this is how it looked.

And this is how they looked together.

I absolutely adore the way they add that French vintage feel to my decor...I've had many complements from  friends that said they looked genuinely old.

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  1. Love this, I am going to do this myself I believe

  2. Thanks for sharing this! I am going to do this, as soon as we have moved into our new place!

    1. Congrats (in advance) !!... a new home is such a wonderful time in your life, I hope you fill it up with your favorite things, DIY's of course... :0)

  3. I really like this idea. Have everything so this should work. I just wish that your instructions would be in black fonts and not light bleu.

    1. I did it!!.. I changed all my text to black... now I have to do the rest of my entire blog... :0) thank you so much for your comment, I needed this kind of feedback as I'm trying really hard to reach a larger audience to spread the joy of crafting and to inspire others, GRACIAS!!

  4. Beautiful! I love these! Will have to make these. Always trying to find new things. Thanks for sharing!

    1. SO glad you like it and please post a pic of your project when you're done!! :0)

  5. Victoria, these pots are absolutely beautiful! I have never seen pots that have that kind of texture before. The ones around here are all smooth. I think the textured ones are what adds to the beauty of the pot with the doily. Still going to try this though. Thank you for sharing your inspiration. Have a Blessed day.

    1. I see what you mean... I think they are harder to find but if you really want them you should try at flower shops, nurseries and other plants specialty stores, I think they're called un-glazed, textured clay pots. On the other hand, you can try with the "smooth" kind and see that it really works too, simply paint them and sand the edges and you'll get a pretty, shabby effect, I promise ! :0)

  6. Awesome! Definitely look like they are from a high end boutique. I love them both. Thank you for sharing. I actually bought wedding lace pieces off Etsy so I'm set to go.

    1. Thanks!!... would you mind sharing your end project with us when you're ready?... Tha'll be great!

  7. I love the look of these pots. I would probably use them in a guest room with fresh flowers, or with makeup brushes in them for the bathroom. The thrift stores near me usually have little grab bags of miscellaneous laces and trims for a reasonable price.

    Thanks for a great idea.

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