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Sometimes a picture frame needs to have a little more... personality. 
and that's when I realize I needed to alter the frame that was graciously holding my beautiful glass tracing art.
This is how I did it!

I purchased a simple frame from my local thrift shop for only $2, very plain and even boring for what I needed so I "dressed it up" a little using:

Project Materials:* String flat back beads like these ones...

You can find these beads anywhere on the internet, Google "String flat plastic beads" and you'll see a list of places where you can get them from.

* Aluminium foil tape
The kind you find at hardware stores for electrical work but don't confuse it with duct tape please, this foil tape is  the same as your regular kitchen foil but with a sticky side and it comes in a roll like tape.

* Hot glue sticks

* Craft paint

I started by removing the glass support from the back of the frame.

I then  started gluing the string beans along the middle of the frame alternating beads styles ( flowers and dots) for a more daring look.

The I pour hot glue along the sides of the string beads, I did this sporadically and kinda like in a circle motion so it looked like  scrolls but you can make your own patterns with the hot glue.

Ok, this step is not necessary but I did it because I wanted to stop the whole project right there and then decided to continue with foil so... you decide if you want to foil your frame or simply paint it. 

If you decide to paint it without "foiling" it first, here you have another frame I did using that technique.

 Its nice but not what I was looking for so I continued working on my original frame.
Back to my "original idea"...I proceeded taping the beaded frame with foil tape, which you're already familiar with since my last  tape project: transforming $1 pic frame

This tape is sticky in one side so it sticks very easily to the beaded frame.

 But I used a cold glue stick to help me get it in the crevices of the frame for a well defined dimension.
pretty easy and kinda fun!
 This is how the frame looked all wrapped up in foil and that's why you didn't need to paint it before this!! :0)

Now its painting time... I used cheap craft paint, after all, this was an experiment and I didn't want to waste precious chalk paint or anything like that.
This is the important part of this whole project, pay attention!!

 I paint it the first coat and I didn't, I repeat, DIDN'T let it dry..
I rubbed off the wet paint in some areas to reveal some of the metallic silver underneath creating a more dimensional look.
 Not bad, eh?!!
See the interesting pattern that the hot glue produced under the foil? that's what I call TEXTURE!

 and this my friends, is the reason why I textured my plain $2 frame, to display one of my fav tracing art pieces ever!!


  1. you could have painted white, let dry then do the finish paint black, then wipe off when wet, some call it wet sand, it would have looked like antiqued silver

  2. Adding a little texture to things can really make a huge difference. Just like adding a little texture on the outside walls of your home, the texture of a picture frame can change the whole feel of the piece. It will also just makes things a little more interesting. And if you do it yourself, it can be pretty gratifying.

    1. I absolutely love what your company does!!
      Thanks for commenting.

  3. Do you have a tutorial on "tracing art" to do a pic to frame?

  4. I love the art tracing and the framework, where did you find that beautiful picture?

  5. Is the mermaid painted or rubbed on and where did you find her

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  7. What if you wanted a gold background instead of silver?


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