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There's something very magical about wings... 

but lace wings are by far the most special ones for me.
Perhaps is because I love lace and trims so much. Many of my crafts have lace, trims and doilies and sometimes I have to cut it to tiny pieces but I never EVER throw any pieces  away and
here's a proof of that...
I've seeing lace wings on the internet, they all appeal to me but I wanted to make my own and add  a romantic, shabby look to them creating a lace quilt-like effect patching my wire wing frame with scraps of lace, doilies and trims I been collecting for awhile now.

I started by cutting two pieces of 20 gauge fencing wire.

I shaped them together so they would look symmetrical.

I used a simple  end curling technique to hook my ends together.

I won't give you dimensions for this project because it all depends on your own plans really... I wanted  large wings for drama so I make them big (2.5') but you can make them as small as you'd like.

Charlie liked them this size...

Then I got my first wire form and started my design by laying flat some of my  lace, doilies and trims over the frame to draft a plan rather than  start gluing without one...

When I arranged the first piece,
then I started gluing as neatly as I could.

Then I did the same thing with my second large piece. I found it easier to apply the hot glue directly to the frame and then pressing the fabric over it rather than  putting the glue on the fabric.

This is where it got interesting...
I experimented overlaying different types of fabric lace over crochet pieces with some trim to finish it up... it looked great!
(there you do have to glue directly to the fabric, of course)

For the final piece I used a large piece of dyed lace to cover  the middle part of the wing.

This time I turn my frame over to work from the back and I placed the dyed lace over the "hole" making sure it covered it completely.

After I hot glued that piece I started trimming all the excess so it would show nice from the front and i did the same with the edges.

Then to finish it up I used  trimmings around the wing, that really gave this piece a nice, soft and finished look.

Then I used "key" pieces (decorative bits of fabric small enough to fit anywhere) to strategically add  character to my wing.

I then simply added a piece of ribbon lace to one side of the back of my wing to hang it as decor.

and voila!

I must say it was so much fun making this wing I made a couple more right after, these are some of my fav pics!!

Thanks for reading my post and don't forget to comment! :0)


  1. These are great... I'm going to have a go at making a pair :)

  2. This is the best tutorial that I have found for making angel wings! Love, love, love it!
    Thank you and Merry Christmas! Jo

  3. Wow amazing! These wings makes you look for the rest of the angel ! Great Job.......


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