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Vintage Door knobs are now a priority for me on my list of "treasures to find"...

My local Thrift shop has a section for  door knobs and furniture hardware, I found these AMAZING ones there for only $3 bucks!

I believe they're from the 1930's, real glass and brass... I couldn't believe  they were so cheap!!

I saw other vintage door knobs redones online as picture holders but I wanted to re-invent the craft of  re-purposing gems like this into something with a lot le more "personality".

I used what I had (as always)...
*Mini door knobs from IKEA

*Hot glue
*Gold paint - *Shoe polish
*Lace - *Twine...
Pretty much anything that would add texture and  character to my handles.

I also had to find screws to fit inside the mini knobs and the vintage knobs at the same time.

The rest if really easy...
For my first paperweight I used twine to wrap it around one of my mini knobs...

To add more personality I paint it the wrapped mini knob with gold and then black shoe polish ink and this is how it turned out.

For my second paperweight I glue a  small piece of lace onto the mini knob and a piece of plastic from a flower on top, that really added texture to this knob!!... the I paint it also with gold and shoe polishing ink.

the result was AMAZING!

My third mini knob was simply painted with gold and then washed with a little  shoe polishing ink as well, I sanded the  piece and it ended up looking really...old!

To attache the mini knob to the vintage knob I used the same technique for all...
I filled up the cavity on the vintage knob with hot glue and then I placed  the mini knob with a screw attached to it, when the glue cools off, the knobs become pretty attached to each other.

The I made other Paperweights, this is my gallery...

I even made some using heavy rod finials and wood molding blocks.

I hope you enjoyed  this tutorial, let me know if I had inspired you to make some of your own.

Thank you!

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