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... "The best gift you can give to someone is the gift of inspiration" ...


Who doesn't like a little encouragement here and there?...

Well, this one comes in gold !!
I found a scratched picture frame that had two pieces of glass where you put the photo in and the matting around becomes transparent. I paid $5.00 for it at HOME SENSE (the equivalent store in the US is TARGET)
The spray paint (Metallic Gold by Rust-Oleum) is by far the best metallic gold  paint you can buy and its very easy to find. I got mine from the HOME DEPOT at $8.00
The letter stickers are from the dollar store.
The washi tape is also from the dollar store.
Abou the larger tape on the picture...I never got to use the sparkly tape on this project!! :0)

So I started by dismantling and cleaning my glass pieces. I have two but I only needed one of them, that's why I'm confident that you can do this project with a regular picture frame if you remove the backing.

I then measured where to place the tape for marking the lines that will hold my letters..... I really didn't want to end up with crooked lines.
I measured one line at 3.5" and another at 6.5".
(notice I don't paint the glass, II use it for)

I place the guiding tape over my measurements and VOILA!

I then started to stick my letters as straight as I could using my green tape as guidance.

Once on, I removed the green tape, this is a good time to make sure your glass is squeaky clean, no streaks or fingerprints, ok?

I took my clean piece of glass over to my garage, covered the floor area with foil ( or anything else, that's what I had in hand)
I sprayed several coats lightly over the entire glass keeping a good distance and in all directions.

I let the paint dry completely for about 30 minutes but you're best following your brand's instructions.
I then  proceeded to remove the lettering with an exacto knife trying not to scratch off the paint as I lifted the sticker off the glass.

5 minutes latter... TA DA!!

I then placed the second piece of glass over the painted side of my sign ( you don't have to do this when working with a regular picture frame)

I put the glass on the back of the frame and secure it with the wood molding that came with the frame.

And here is where I started  playing with the frame itself...Originally I was going to cover the entire frame with a wide sparkly tape but I liked the simplicity of the washi-tape, it was more modern and appropriate for this particular project.

I didn't measure anything, I went free-handed on this.
I placed it straight on the frame in a diagonal manner.

I cut the excess tape off with the exacto knife which gave it a tidy and sharp cut.

Ijust covered some areas of the frame randomly and this is what I end up with...

Nice, uh?!!!

Thanks for reading my post!!!


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