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Our Granddaughter's Baby Shower had a very unique colour coordinated stationary, the gift bags couldn't be overlooked...

These customized bags included a "thank you" note and a handmade cookie that left our guests speechless!!

hence, the cookie in question.

In this Posting I'm going to show you how I made the "treat bags" out of simple craft paper bags and scraps I saved from the invites project.
To start I'd like to point out that "craft paper bags" are a little better than just brown paper bags or school lunch bags from the supermarket. I found these ones at my local Dollar Store ($2.00/24) but they can be found in most crafts stores for a  bit more money.

The very first thing you have to do is design your card, mine had an elephant illustration i found on google images, then I added some text and a strip of  designer's paper to match the stationary items for the shower. I made sure the space between my text would allow me to glue that strip of paper and that the whole design and text was aligned with the bag itself.
You may have to ( like I did) sacrifice some of your bags until you get it right.

Next is to feed the bag according to your printer's specifications in order to print on the front side of the bag. 

(note, this may be tricky and even not possible on some printers due to the bulkiness of the folds in the bag)

Continue by adding some double-sided tape between the text to place your designer's strip of paper. 

This will add visual interest and coordinate the bags with the stationary done for the event

Next is to cut two slits near the top of the card that will go through the front and back to allow for our ribbon to be feed through.
I took the time to measure it so all my bags would look professionally finished.

You should end up with something like this...

Cut a piece of ribbon ( I used left over ribbon from the making of the invites) three times the width of the bag.

feed the ribbon through the front of the card only, not the back slits!!

like so...

Then proceed to do the same on the back of the card.

Until you end up with this configuration.

Start your knot by interlacing both ends making two simple front knots.

Cut excess ribbon and...

Ta Da!

a cute little bag for our confectionery cookies

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial as well!


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