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Decorating an empty space can be a very practical skill.
The trick lays on mantainting a balanced feel and uncompromising functionality without distracting the practical aspect of the area in question....ok, ok lets not get so technical and see it for yourselves...
My Foyer, kinda ... blah ..a large wall area with a small (but cute) ornamented wooden mirror..
now what?

Well, since the empty area is actually my small foyer, meaning is right next to the entrance to my house, it would be convenient to  display things that I need to have access to when I'm coming in or out of the house (normally in a hurry, as usual).
The bench is self-explanatory, I NEED TO SEAT WHEN I'M PUTTING OR TAKING OFF MY SHOES!! 

I re-do this one with fabric scraps and paint to go with the rest of my decor, EEEEASY!

The cushions are simply gorgeous and they really add character to the setting
The small Persian rug serves the purpose of classy-ing it all up just a bit more.

But the ladder, well, the ladder is the "wild factor", the cherry on the cake, the tip of the iceberg... ok, it really is only a vintage ladder I purchased from a Garage sale for a mere $5 bucks.
I kinda just leaned it against the corner.
Next, I knew I had to display something nice enough to look good.... Why bit my colección of acarrea?!!! Plus, I always struggle getting one when I'm stepping out of the happens everyone!!

I folded some and hang others...

I also placed my handbag of the season (i'm fashionable like that!)

to avoid misplacing if anywhere else around the house, because it happened way too many times to disclose..
And that's pretty much how it ended up looking... useful and yet...pretty  to look at.

Charlie Loves it too!

See ya next post!


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