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I’m currently suffering from something called “Tassel Fever" and be careful, is contagious!! 😷 

These ones I turned them into keychains, they look great on bags!!
But you can also make them large enough to hang on doorknobs for a funky and trendy look like this one.

Cute uh?!!
Look at these other tassels with many other colour combinations..

Here’s a tutorial I found* on Pinterest that I think explains the steps for the making of this style tassel.

*this tutorial is not mine.
I exclusively credit the owner of the site cited for the making of this tutorial.

Ill be posting more wrapped tassels ideas for you very soon so you can see  the diferent styles i've come up with according to your needs, or mood... lol 

Thank you for  visiting my Blog and don’t forget to send me some pics of your own tassels if you make them. 

Pls comment below.

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