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... "The best gift you can give to someone is the gift of inspiration" ...


Hey world!

I'm Victoria Mena, the creative soul behind these crafty creations. I'm here with the sole purpose to inspire other creative souls and to share my experiences in this fascinating journey life is. 

Just in case you wonder... M.U.C.H.O - C.R.A.F.S means:
*[MOOCHO] Spanish for LOTS.
*[CRAFTS] we all know what that is... 😂 

Born and raised in the beautiful southerner city of Seville, Spain where I learned to appreciate beauty in the form of Moorish-Medieval architecture and lavish parks around the city that watched me become whom I am today.
My mother was my very first source of inspiration and dedication not only as a mother who raised 9 children, but as the tough woman who had the hard job of upkeeping a big family home and still managed to enjoy decorating it. I still remember her putting wallpaper up or scraping old paper off by herself and loving it, amazing woman! It was no surprise to me that I ended up doing the same exact stuff myself  realizing along the way it was more of a therapeutic hobby than a chore so, my mom was de-stressing rather than decorating, good one mom! Lesson learnt 👍🏽

Living in North America, where the craft movement evolved to become part of the culture, has made it very easy for me to expand my crafty skills and to apply that skill to my everyday life. Canada is the country to be in when you're an adventurous, creative person like myself perhaps due to its ethnic diversity, Canadians thrive in the crafts field like no other Nation, it's easy to fit-in among sonmany sharing your same creative instinct. I LOVE CANADA!

With this Blog I want to share all my knowledge and expertise in a fun and visual way with everyone who enjoys DIY, crafts and decor projects and I also want to promote this positive movement in my country of birth, Spain.

I hope you enjoy this Blog and Please, don't forget to comment!!

Charlie and Victoria


  1. Hi Victoria!
    I enjoy your blog, I think you're a very talented person. Thank you for sharing your ideas!

  2. Me gusta tu blog y como eres de valiente y creativa… sigue siempre así de optimista!!

  3. LOVE your creative ideas...I am excited to follow your blog and begin crafting for the first time. You are such an inspiration!! Thank you!

    1. I'm glad you like them and Please, send me pics of your finished projects!! :0)

  4. Me parece super originales, como tu bien dices, muy complicado de hacer en españa, pero se puede intentar, aunque algo importante es tener tu habilidad. Felicidades y sigue con ello.

    1. lo que mas me ha inspirado a recurrir a la imaginacion ha sido la falta de materiales o los medios para conseguirlos... La creatividad no tiene limite siempre que disfrutes creando!!

  5. Se me estaba ocurriendo, necesito unos sujeta libros, para el salón y el cuarto de los niños, se te ocurre algo?

    1. aqui tienes ideas de como hacer uno con vivnilos antiguos. Se que te gusta la musica y seguro que algun vinilito tienes por ahi... LOL
      Si no, mira este tambien...

    2. Muy chulas las paginas que has puesto, pero, no voy a poner el vinilo que me queda para eso, pero si tengo unas cuantas cassetes, pero no se me ocurre como pegarlas, me das una idea?

    3. Eso es un poco mas dificil pero no imposible...
      Aqui te ensenan a hacerlo cajas de luces...
      Te propongo que hagas dos cajas (con o sin luces de Navidad dentro) y las pongas a los extremos de un grupo de libros como posa libros, claro. Como vas a necesitar peso para que no se desarmen, te aconsejo que metas un pedruzco dentro de la caja, no se vera de todas formas!!...
      SI te atreves a hacer este proyecto, mandame una foto!

  6. You have such a beautiful blog and great talent!! I love the natural tone your crafts have! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Hi Victoria ! Today I feel into your world. I love creating stuff out of nothing all my life ! I'm enjoying reading your blog today. I live in Sacramento California and don't really know anyone that enjoys what we do. I have somethings around my apt. that need another life so bad that I'm trying to find them a purpose. I'm trying not to buy anything and use what I have but with these things I'm having a hard time. You are really talented and will follow you , hopefully for a long time. Maybe I can send a picture and see what you think sometime ! Debra

    1. Hi Debra!!
      Sacramento.... wow! I heard is beautiful over snow at least!! :0)
      Feel free to browse through my Blog, there's lots to see all very different simply because I don't really follow rules for crafting, its all straight from the heart!! <3
      If you make anything that I may have inspired you with, please send me an email, I'd love to see it and with your permission maybe even post it for my readers to see.
      Thanks for following me and encouraging me to make even more crafts with your support.

    2. I'd like to send a picture of something I made for spring where do I send it.? Sorry but I couldn't find it.

    3. Hi Debra!!
      Thanks for the lovely comment !! I would love to see what yu did, pls send it to

  8. I have a suitcase that I think I want to paint but I'm not sure. I would like to put lace on it and mod podge with some tissue paper inside I think . It's not really nice inside. The the medal is not great either. Have you ever done one ? I need help ! Lol and I love what you do. What would you do ?

    1. Hi Debra!! Thanks for coming by. I have done a suitcase but not in the way you're describing... I just painted the exterior in white and stencil a piece of lace over it so it would have a pretty surface, I then placed over a small side table to add height and drama and now it seats in my basement studio bringing an unless corner into life with a nostalgic kinda feel... I'll look for a way to send you a picture so you can see it.
      I guess what you do with your suitcase should be based on what the use for the final product will be, is it going to be a decorative item or is it going to be functional like mine is??...
      For decorative purposes, I would just try something more daring, I love the decoupage idea with lace or paper or both and its really easy to do but make sure your suitcase is prepared to receive the mod podge (clean and free of debris) and make sure you seal it well to protect it from dust.
      The inside of the suitcase, on the other hand, sounds a bit more challenging but if you want to add even more interest to this project I would recommend re-lining it with a nice fabric and hot glue.
      I hope you actually do this project and if you do, please send me a pic to my email;
      Thanks and good luck!!

    2. You truly are a beautiful soul. Thank you for your creative inspiration, you have such a wonderful a gift!

  9. Hey Victoria! I found your blog via a post on Hometalk and I really love it. You and I seem to be partial to the same look so I find your stuff really inspiring.

    Also I really like your posting style - you seem like the kind of person I'd like to hang out with. Keep it up!

  10. Love your creative ideas! Beautiful!!! Cheers to another Creative Canadian Blogger as well!


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  12. I’m reopening the Blog so stay tuned!!


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