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Recycled, refurbished, redone, reclaimed....

I dont know what to call it!
Oh wait, yes I do...
My revived, totally awesome, almost new Chandelier!

This tutorial will show you how I did it...

Beads on a string will save you hours of work of having to string them yourself.

I bought these ones from Michaels Crafts Canada at about $1 each string, I purchased 18 strings in total.

This project is quite simple really, You glue on the beads on the arms, over, under and through creating a visually appealing pattern and off you go!

a hot glue gun will work just fine because you're dealing with a metal surface.

You will also need some glass tears.
These ones are from other recycled chandeliers that I've been collecting over the years.
I used metal wire to string some sparkly glass and pearly beads to create a drop like decoration that I strategically hanged in the middle of each arm.

Once a sad looking light fixture sitting on a cold sterile shelf at my local Value Village...

This pretty little thing didn't see it coming when I traded it for only $12, took it home and after a little CPR I managed to revive it to it's original splendor, or perhaps even better than that...

...and that's all, I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Keep coming back to MUCHOCRAFT and check on my latest projects for inspiration and don't forget to comment.

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