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From Terracotta to Chartreuse.
I finally did my powder room, it took me a while to come up with a way to make this little room shine and I did it with wallpaper!!

I knew I wanted something classy but loud, clean but not sterile, bright but not too colorful and the I found this....

This absolutely gorgeous wallpaper was found at good old Walmart Canada for about $39.00 per double roll.
It took 2.5 double rolls (5 single rolls) to do the whole room but of course, I had to buy the whole 3 double rolls because that's how they sell it so I ended up with some leftover that I'm sure I'll find use for, eventually...

My powder room was too '90's for my taste, a reminiscence of "a flare for all Tex-Mex" courtesy of the previous owners.

Although this room is quite small, it boasts a large window from which beautiful natural light emanates through for most part of the day, a pleasure to be in it, really! That's the reason why I wanted a bit of metallic in the room and with this wallpaper, I got just the right amount, now, it glows at day and also at night!

Putting wallpaper up is no easy task and it got worse when I decided that the medicine cabinet and the towel holder needed to go as well. The aftermath wasn't pretty, although it would have help me to know that the medicine cabinet wasn't actually glued to the wall as I originally thought because tearing it off by force with 2 inch screws anchored to the drywall was extremely.... tiring, lol

Anyhow, the project turned out a success and I now can say I have a very classy, bright and elegant room to powder your nose in.

Thanks for reading!

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