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... "The best gift you can give to someone is the gift of inspiration" ...


When the gift tag is nicer than the gift.
When a gift-er wraps using a handmade gift tag for the gift-ee, He or She will gladly assume something amazingly beautiful is about to be revealed...

A tag can be any size, any shape and any style but I like mine vintage and romantic like the ones you can see below...

The pictures i used were printouts but you can use copies of your own vintage family pictures if you have any or book images. For my vintage tags I used a lot of golds and browns but soft colours can also look great as you can see on the one above.

They are great for the holidays as well, try adding some kind of ribbon to be able to hang them on to the Christmas tree.

FOR FREE vintage images
click on the collage to download.
Collage 1.
Collage 2


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