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Vive Les Brocantes; long live the flea market!!

Some of my best friends; Diane, Raymonde, Stephanie and I got together for lunch at my place and I surprised them with a unique setting...

I figured this would be a good way to show them what I'm into now that I've decided to take on a new occupation as a prop and event stylist.
The table was dressed with 100% thrift store finds to prove my point about not having to spend a lot to achieve graceful, stylish spaces on your home.

The whole table must have cost not more than $40 to put together and I had really neat pieces there such as; real vintage hand crochet table clothes, East European made eyelet linen and handmade cotton doilies, English made tea cups sets, elegant glass cloches, fine porcelain dishes that I converted into cake stands... I repeat, ALL THRIFT STORE FINDS!!!

What a fine way to cherish the old and to bring it back to life and glorifying their purpose to be, just like they use to.

On the menu I had, Persian Stuffed peppers and sweets bites.

These intricate patters on the dishes and stands was what caught my eye when I was hunting for goods for my Brocante theme.

When you're on the look-out for appropriate objects such as this ones you must remain true to your vision for objects that speak to the your theme.

Look for interesting ways to make big impact when displaying your treasures... I like to layer them in ways that will almost clash so I create contrast.

Mixing white ceramics with glass gave me and my theme an instant impact too!

Plate setting #1 had a whimsical colour scheme with pale blue and violet mixed with silver and grey, so pretty!

Plate setting #2 had a modern feel with a subtle touch of Provence, so FRENCH!

Plate setting #3 was very "shabby", white and pink with silver background, lovely!! 

 Plate setting #4 was the most "Victorian" of all, with soft pinks and festive!!

Overall, this project turnout a big success.

and it made me realize about something I've been denying for weeks now... my Christmas tree is definitely crooked!!!

This was a lot of fun....I'm definitely doing it again!!


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