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Amy's Little Dresser
Turning something special... 

...into something awesome!
Who's Amy?... Amy is my son's sweet girlfriend. Amy received this 60's era dresser from her late mom when she was just an adolescent.

I've heard Amy talk about this dresser since I meet her, which is now almost a decade ago, back when Marco and her first started dating in high school.

This was Amy's dresser before the shocking change.
Amy always spoke of this "dear" piece of furniture with so much love and affection because it was one of the most precious things her mother left to her when she passed away. She always told me how much she wanted to turn it in to something nice enough to display with pride so.... I, did it for her!

I told Amy that I wanted to protect the dresser from getting damaged during the moving (Marco & Amy are moving to their new home together). I took the dresser to my garage and in a matter of hours I transformed it into something that looked totally different keeping the heirloom concept alive by encrypting the say " A Mother Holds Her Child's Heart Forever" in a ghostly way...sort of like a secret message that you would only read if Amy wanted you to.

I risked it, yes I did but I knew Amy was going to love it because although I'm not Amy's mom, she knows that I care for her as she was my own.  Happy Birthday Amy!
Stripping paint is as easy as 1, 2, 3! Just make sure you do it in a well ventilated area...

Once almost all the white 1960's paint was off, I stained it in grey using a dry brush technique removing stain paint before it got too dry.
I left more stain on the edges and corners for a more dramatic look.
I then stenciled  a couple of scrolls designs i had, and between the drawers I encrypted the words

"A mother holds her child's  heart forever".

I waxed the entire piece after dry and I dressed it up to show it to Amy....she loved it!
And this is a picture of the final product.
I hope you enjoyed this story as much as I enjoyed making this little piece....
I waxed the entire piece after dry and I dressed it up to show it to Amy....she loved it!And this was the final product!!

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