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BE MINE VALENTINES, pretty please!
This is Linda, a tiny little needle felted owl.
Linda is only about 1.5 inch tall, she is part of my new needle felted owl collection and the cutest one so far!! 

I made Linda as a little Valentines gift for my husband but I couldn't wait to give it to him so she now lives on his beside table :0)

Linda was the smallest of all my needle felted sculptures yet and to my surprise, it took me the longest to make because of its tiny stature. Poking the needle through a small quantity of wool raises your chances of hurting yourself if you're not careful so I had to be slower and more focused on my movements.

Linda is holding a heart-shaped balloon adorned with a cute bow on a purposely twisted piece of black wire.

Let me know what you think of Linda by commenting below, thanks!!


  1. Pero que monada!! aunque sea un búho… aunque no me hago idea del tamaño, pero es lindísimo!!

  2. Pues mide unos 4.5 centimetros...muy chiquitin! :0)


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