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By now everyone into rustic refurbished furniture knows about the  "Chirpy Dresser" piece gracefully done by Gypsy Barn @

The original dresser was an old piece recycled and nicely brought back to life by Jasmin Marisset, the owner and DIYer of  Gypsy Barn. 

She used a very neat technique that allowed her to chip away the chirpy design, exposing cleverly the darker wood beneath the white paint.... absolutely ingenious! only,  it couldn't have worked on my dresser because unlike hers, mine wasn't solid wood, only melamine but that didn't stop me, ohhhhh nooooo!

I actually came up with my own "clever" way to achieve a similar look using no paint at all, how?

On my last "unnecessary trip" to Target I found a great wall decal by Lot26Studio who have apparently shot down their website...hummm, maybe that's the reason why I only paid $5 for it... anyhow, this pretty decal was the perfect dimension in proportions with my dresser so I took it home.
I positioned the decal piece by piece over the dresser cutting where there was a junction for the drawers to open without sticking, then I overlapped the design over  the last to create a visual continuance so it looked seamless, that simple!
The result was strikingly similar to the "chirpy Dresser" I always loved so much but mine only cots $5 to make!! :0)


  1. I just LOVE the first picture. Beautiful!

  2. Great you Are happy

    I have one myself since like 10 years. I enjoy it too, not modded as yours though.

    Right now it doesn't work, it chokes when warm. Brought into some neigbour of mine and he will have a deeper look at it.

    It seems like some have had difficulty with the automatic decompression valve, does yours have that?

    Have a fantastic day!

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