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Fashion Jewelry designed for "Alice In Wonderland" photo shoot.

A while ago when I started making crafts, I experimented not only with materials but with styles too.
Here you have some of my favorite pieces, some of which were designed for a gorgeous photo-shoot that took place back in 2011, a modern version of "Alice In Wonderland". 

My jewelry making fascination lasted long enough to create many pieces of which I still Am proud of.

See how amazing this collection was...

This necklace was actually made of recycled bits from other jewelry, buttons, glass and ceramic beads and little things from my toolbox.

I made it to be worn by "The Mad Hatter", the handsome Javier Fuentes as shown in this photo...

I'm always inclined to create vintage things, must be the romantic in me...
This beautiful necklace was the star of the show...

This one was worn by Alice herself as it shows in this beautiful photograph.

And the most amazing of all was worn by my baby girl, Destiny who graciously posed for us during the shoot, great job Destiny!

Destiny wearing the lace choker necklace.

I used ribbon and charms to decorate soft colour metal chains and beads for a beautiful subtle look.

I also clustered glass and pearly beads to create drama.

I hope you enjoyed  this post!

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