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Bling your dresser!

We stick bling-bling on our nails, our shoes, our clothes, our phones, why not on our furniture??
When I bought this decoupaged, vintage-like dresser about 16 years ago, I was into Victorian style stuff, n
ow I'm in to anything that shines and sparkle, hence, my new basement's craft studio...

When I decide it was time to finish my basement I had a set of requirements to meet that included a bright, crispy wall colour to keep me alert and my creative juices flowing... "Aqua blue" did it for me.

Pictures don't pay justice at all when you're photographing metallics but I can  guarantee you this shinny project was a bight, bright idea!
Once I filled the area with my stuff (lots and lots of stuff) I realized I was disrupting the feel with all those loose pieces of furniture I couldn't part with so I decided to make them work together in harmony by neutralizing them with.... what else but PAINT!!
When the lights are on, my studio resembles a disco.... hahahaha, ok, it doesn't but everything lights up with glamour and style and I love it!

I painted the shelf, the chandelier, frames and decorations all in white but the dresser, no, that dresser was too big and squarish to paint in white... I painted it in a low sheen metallic silver from the -Martha Stewart's metallic collection- paint from the Home Depot and it turned out FANTASTIC!
As if the metallic silver paint wasn't enough, I ended up giving it the "x" factor by sticking some acrylic rhinestones along the top, right under the counter top, it really gave it a sparkle!

I could have done a better job at sticking the strip of bling a bit straighter but i was too excited  for the final picture so I fixed it latter.

To finish it up, I decide to bling the scalloped shape frame above it too.

I secured some wires across, I decorated it with some of my favorite pictures and nick knacks and this is how it turned out.

 I love spending time in my bright, sparkly craft studio!!

Let me know what you think of this project by commenting on this post, thanks!


  1. très jolie Victoria!!

  2. looks good. Would look even bling-ier with a mirror in that frame (keeping all the stuff hanging inside the frame right where it is).

    1. Thanks, I think so too but the frame is broken and too weak for a mirror... :o(

  3. really did a great job. I'm definitely inspired to try my own dresser makeover. Thankyou for the ideas. PS.Your craft room looks great!


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