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A cute little way to keep hugely important things...

I made this keepsake box out of an aluminum photograph box. It was a very simple, but fun project and it ended up going all the way to the UK for a lady who purchased it for her daughter's first baby boy.

The box had a window in the front which I used to insert a decorated piece of car stock with a banner titled..."Once Upon A Time", a great way to create curiosity for what I added inside.

I decorated the inside lid with color coordinated card stock paper and what resembles a clothesline with cardboard pieces of clothing and a teddy bear.

I lined the bottom inside and the three little tins with matching designer's paper and  I adhered a small piece of magnet on the bottom of the tin boxes to secure them....that's a perk of using a metal box, magnets!!

The little round tin boxes is supposed to keep the baby's first tooth, a strand of his hair or first curl and the first clipping of his nails.

I also added  a first picture card and a congrats card.

This kit was complete!
You can build boxes like this one out of wood or cardboard boxes as well, they're so easy and fun to make.

If you do make one, please send me a picture, I'd love to share it with my readers,
thank you!!


  1. Muy bonito y genial para guardas pequeños recuerdos!!

  2. Gracias y si te decides a hacer una cajita parecida a esta, mandame una foto! :0)


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