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A romantic touch for your home.
This week I'll be showing you how to make these pretty wall art pictures out of designer's printed paper using the old decoupage system we all already know...
The other day while shopping 
I came across this gorgeous designer's wax paper by Tim Holtz at my local Michael's store and although I thought it was pricey, I couldn't resist it so I brought it home...

This fine paper is actually wax-like tissue paper. It is 15' x 12" and It costed me $16 but I bid I can make many crafts with that amount of paper, it's worth it!

Firstly, I gather all my stuff. You want to make sure you won't be needing something you don't have so it won't stop your project half way there...


I measured the frames to cut the paper so it will cover the entire frame, including the sides.

Painting the frames in white will prepare the naked wood to receive the Mod Podge so the paper will adhere better, sort of like primer.

After is painted and dry I covered the entire frame lightly with Mod Podge.

I placed the frame over the cut out paper and started to press to make sure there were no air bubbles or wrinkles.

I pinched outwards the corners like so...

so I can cut them like so...

 Then I neatly folded and glued them to create a perfect corner.

the next part is a lot of fun!!
With stamping ink pads, I age the corners and smudge the surface just enough to create that elegant vintage feel. For this project I used Dark brown for the overall frame...

and black very sparingly on the corners only for a little more dimension.

A piece of black ribbon stapled onto the back of the frames will aid with my "fancy" hanging system...

and this is my "fancy" hanging system, I found if at Michaels for $3 and they very easy to install. This great and elegant system ads a lot of glamour and class to my wall art pieces.

This picture pretty much sums how they work... You nail the nails onto the wall first and then hang the medallions, then you slip the ribbon over it and that's it!

TA-DA !! My wall art pieces are ready to show off. :0)

I hope you liked this project, share your thought!


  1. Awesome you make it look so easy lady

    1. Hahahaha... well, it is easy!!
      Thanks for your comment <3

  2. Wall arts represent our personal status sometimes social or traditional aspects reflects through wall arts too. Its a popular means of modern art too.

  3. Awesome creativity. loved the idea.

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