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From classic to shabby chic in a few hours.
I bought this handsome student's desk at a garage sale last summer, it only cost me $10 and I knew I had a very fun project waiting to take part but I had no idea it wasn't going to be until now, a whole year latter...

I had the desk in my garage all winter so when I uncovered it I was a bit scared that it was going to be damaged or dirty but none of that happened and so I begun to work on it right away.

Firstly, I designed the whole idea in my head (as i always do), I sanded the top a little just so the paint will stick, and dry- brushed it using two different colours; light grey and dark brown creating an interesting grungy look, perfect for the alphabet design I had in mind.

I sanded again to display more of the original red stain and then I took some chipboard stencil letters and placed them on the top of the desk randomly, except for the bottom left corner where i actually spelled the words "Wisdom Is 4 Ever" in two lines

I continued painting the rest of the desk but this time I wanted something a little bit more opaque so I used only  the light grey so I painted two coats and after it was completely dry I sanded only the edges to expose some of that original red and natural pine wood.
I scraped the black paint off the metal hardware as much as I could, I liked the final look for everything but the knob so I put an old iron one I had.

The final product is....well, I think it is pretty neat, don't you?

Charlie thinks so too... :0)

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