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You can pin it, pinch it, hang it and hold it.
This board is large enough to even put your reading material in.
This versatile board is not only beautiful and elegant, it is also perfect for organizing your nick-knacks in style...
You can use it to put your Jewelry, Pictures, scraps, cards, small bags, hair accessories, earrings, bracelets, necklaces and anything small that would otherwise be inside a drawer or laying out around your room waiting to be lost or broken.

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Constructed of a simple  wooden frame stained in dark wood, plywood and stiffen burlap. The top part was made with some of my best dressers hardware I've been collecting over the years, it was worth it because it added personality and class.

The middle was decorated with a beautiful piece of lace from which I hanged earrings. The lace is simply pinched with sewing pins on the side in case I want to moved it.

The entire board was constructed of soft board so you can use  all of it to thumbtack your pictures and scraps.

And the bottom part was decorated with chicken wire open at the top to create the basket. As you can see you can use it inside out by pinching  cute little clothe pins. The basket can be used to put your current reading material, your stationery or even photographs!

I think this board is full of personality and elegance. I will be making more boards in the future so  come back for more soon...


Thank you for reading.

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