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This recipe will satisfy hotdog lovers  of all ages.

It's simple and delicious and it could become  a regular  dish addition to your weekly meal plan.

This is how I did it...

You will need:
* Hot dogs (my choice was 100% beef dogs).
* Hot dog buns.
*  A can of baked beans (I chose tomato baked).
* Shredded cheese.
* Few tortilla chips.
* Some ketchup, mustard, mayo and paprika.

Start by frying your hot dogs on a skillet until they get a nice color.

Mix your  beans with a squirt of ketchup and a pinch of paprika (sweet or hot as you may prefer)

On another bowl mix some ketchup, mustard, mayo and paprika to create your base sauce.
Use as much as you like for each ingredient... There's no right or wrong on how sweet or sour you may like this sauce so have fun with it!

Next I started the oven at baking temperature  and continued  by arranging my dogs.
I first spreaded some of my  base sauce on the bun.

Then I put my dog on the bun.

Then the beans went  in.

The cheese went after.

And then (this is my favorite part) i crunched some tortilla chips and put them in the overflowing dog.

I arranged an oven safe  tray with four of my dogs and heat them at 350C degrees for about 5 mins or until the chews melted.

All I had left to do was make the plate look pretty so I  put some taters (potato hash croquettes) and cute little containers with  dipping sauce ( left over base sauce, ketchup and spring onions) and the final results were.... MMMMmmm!!

Let me know if you try this recipe!


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