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The Grand opening of Burlap & Lace has arrived!
And what fun that was...
The evening was filled with excitement!

This gathering gave me the chance to see the faces of a few old friends and many new ones too. Everyone brought a little of their own uniqueness sharing their stories and showing their personalities with the rest of us and that, my friends, is what made this event a success!!

A good friend of mine, Barbara Floyd, invited her friend Paula Robinson over to display her talents as well and she brought the most amazing Garden's glass ornament pieces and costume jewelry....what an impressive crafty gal she is!!!

My good friend Stephanie Jukes ( brough her cameras and took these amazing pictures of my Shed-Boutique. Thanks Steph!!

Jukes Photography: Burlap & Lace &emdash;

For more pics, keep reading...

Thank you All For Coming To The Grand Opening and I'll See You All in the Next Gathering!!

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