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Chest, dresser?? call it what you'd like !!

You have to see the before and after pictures of this project!!
Not only they look exactly the same (but with a different colour) lol
but Charlie posed like he never did before!!

Since my passion (obsession) for French Country and Shabby stuff is now officially "out of control" I've decided I had enough gold and earthy yellow tones in my house and I'm changing every corner inch by inch painting whatever I can get my hand to in white.
This dresser/chest or bar (that's what I used it as before) was my first victim...

I really like the carved details in this piece and I want to put it back in my French dining room so I had to paint it white but with a little twist..

I gave the entire piece one coat of white flat
paint  and I let it dry.

I mixed a little bit of the white paint i used for the first coat
and some "old" white craft paint for the second coat because I wanted a little bit of warmth and the first white was too "sterile" for me.

It worked beautifully!!

I did the second coat with that mixture but I didn't pain the sides.

For the side I had a better plan...
See how it goes in sort of like a  recessed panel?

Well, I got my good old shoe polish (black)
and a rag and I painted it.

In one direction, up to down - non stop.

Then I grabbed my rag and  with the same  up and down
motion I dried all the excess polish off the chest.

I had to retouch the inside panels with
a small brush but it worked out fine.

then it was "fun" time.. I started sanding the sides  looking for a  worn out feel.

Like this one...

 Then it was time to sand the corners and carvings
details of the chest...

Looking back to about 1 hour before I remembered all the  yellow and I was very pleased with it's new shabby look, don't you agree??

This was a real success!
oh douce France!

*** UPDATE ***
Here's a link to the DIY for the stencil applied to this beautiful chest.


  1. I love the after! Great work. I also love Charlie!

    1. LOL!
      Thanks Raye.......Charlie is really loving the attention !! :0)

  2. No offense, but you don't use shoe polish on wood. Wood needs paint specifically made for wood so it protects it, keeps it from drying out and over time becoming brittle. I thought the golden yellow it was, was beautiful! Was following you as thought you were a expert as DIY but apparently not by this post.

    1. Hi "Anonymous", Its too bad you were disappointed by my lack of expertise on furniture re-furbishing :0( Perhaps the name "MuchoCRAFTS" and the general content of my Blog should had hint you from the beginning .. I don't do crafts for money, I don't sell anything I make (or at least for now) and nowhere on my blog I have implied I am a professional furniture refurbish-er... I take pride however, on altering and re-doing all kind of things using non-conventional methods...... that's my craft!!
      Thanks for visiting and please come back for other non-conventional projects, maybe you'll find one you would agree with.

  3. Victoria, I think your use of shoe polish as an alternative finish is a stroke of genius! You definitely think outside the box!
    Congratulations on your blog - your creativity is admirable - and I wish you continued success!

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