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My matching envelopes for those cute Baby Shower Invites
were such a hit!
Just to show you how much more you can do with a little extra imagination...

I started by outlining the shape of my envelopes on a piece of designer's paper (or you can just measure it... I'm just too lazy for that)
I managed to get 5 templates on each of my 12"x 12" sheets of scrap-booking paper because I only made the template long enough to show when open...i'll explain that latter.

As you can see in this picture, I cut out my templates to fit inside the envelopes leaving a small margin (about .25") around the flap of the envelope and long enough to show when the envelope is open.

They'll never know it isn't the whole lengh :0)
The first thing I did was inserting the template inside the envelope and folding the flap over to mark where the glue tape should be placed.

I proceeded by sticking a stripe of double sided glue tape on both sides of my template paper, like so...

The I folded the flap completely and PERMANENTLY, yes, you better do this right the first time!!


The you can open the flap again to see if everything is ok, which it should be if you followed my instructions... (hehe)

I must admit, these stationary items were a real hit. All our recipients were delighted and surprised by the intricate design and  attention to detail. I was really proud and my granddaughter's mom-to-be was "Over The Moon"!!!

Matching Cards here! 


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