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This naked and upside down  lamp-shade
has lots of 

What's not to love about a shade that doesn't hide any light?... Nothing!
This one is simply gorgeous!!

This is how I made it...
Last summer I bought these three broken shades, I knew I had to do something with them.... maybe replacing the fabric?? then I realize that the "bones" of the shades were not only in great condition, they actually looked good naked, so I strip them down to their metal beginnings and adorned them with glass tears, the result was nothing less than "brilliant"!!

removing the fabric off the metal frame was not easy, they glued it so firmly it took some muscle and to my disbelieve, I ended up pulling my back doing it...Aggggg!!

After striping all the fabric and glue off the metal I removed the bulb holder.

I simply wiggle the golden metal until it detached from the frame.

Now its ready to adorn.

To attache the glass tear string I cut for pieces of thin craft wire.

first I used one of the pieces of wire to attach both ends of the glass tear string and create a loop.

Then I place the looped string of glass tears over the top of the small end of my shade frame.

There I used the remaining 3 pieces of thin wire to attach the looped string of glass tears onto the frame like so...

This is how it looked once attached and upside-down.

My last step was to attach the glass tear shape embellishments right where I attached the wire so I could hide the wire.

and that's pretty much it!!
I just place my new shabby, upside-down, sexy naked and adorned shades on 3 of the 6 arms of my studio chandelier, which BTW, its also a DIY project I'll share with you someday.

Thank you and make a comment or two!!:0)


  1. Replies
    1. Hahahahah.... I'm always on the lookout for one that's bigger, brighter and better but this one I got it from a thrift shop at $12. Here's the story for that chandelier.

  2. I live in California and it's really hard to find a deal here ! But I'm looking , your crafts have been giving me much needed inspiration ! Thank you

  3. Hi, Great idea! A tip for removing the cloth from wire frames. Heat glue with a heat gun and using needle nose pliers the fabric pulls off much easier. Enjoy your site! Blessings, Mary

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