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"All About Colour" That was my #1 rule
for this project...
Although the room needed a lot of help with other things, Colour was my main priority.

As you can see in the "before" picture, the room was a mess... the worse room in the house and yet, one of the busiest, not fair!
The original owner of our house painted the room in a canary yellow and bought pretty standard appliances that were just really ugly so, I challenged my husband to agree on  good looking & efficient appliances  in exchange for a makeover all done by myself so he would save on labor. He agreed!!

Here's the "before" picture of the UGLIEST laundry room in the planet.

Terrible, right?

After I chose the colour scheme I went on a hunt for accessories that will add on the character I was after for this room.
This is what I found...

An abstract painting with a gorgeous colour hue for the wall to cover  lots of empty wall area.
A trendy metal basket for storage.
Jars for the soaps and sheets.
A little area rug strategically coloured to coordinate the  painting.
This {soon-to-be} BEAUTIFUL Chandelier!!!
"before picture"

The very first thing I did was painting the room in a nice shade of grey. Grey is such a trendy colour right now I don't think I need to  suggest my shade simply because I think is more up to you and your own room...the amount of natural light, the colour of your floors, the size of the room. All of that should be taken into consideration for the perfect shade of grey. Also, you can chose a warm ( yellow or red undertone) or a cool (blue undertones) grey, is really up to you!

I then prepared my cute chandelier. I removed the glass tears and the extra pieces that came with it and I proceeded to spray painting them in 2 different shades of grey, lighter on the accessories and darker on the chandelier.

When all my pieces dried, I placed them on the chandelier and I added globe style light bulbs, rather that your typical elongated ones...

The result was no less that AWESOME!

Here's your "before and After" shot.
Once all my accessories were ready and the room painted I waited for my beautiful appliances to arrive and when they did, this is how it all looked like!!

The difference was shocking, even I couldn't believe it!

With a sassy Laundry Room like this I could very well even enjoy doing laundry.
I hope you enjoyed this post. Comment and ask me your questions here, I'll be glad to reply.
Thank you!


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