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This is a Step by step tutorial for a cardboard (construction board) letter adorned with lace and ribbon. 

A simple but gorgeous prop for Weddings, Birthday and Christenings.

This is how I did it...

I started by purchasing a single piece of construction board from  Michaels @ $4.00, but you can always use a large piece of cardboard from a box as long as it doesn't have folds.

Draw your letter as large or small as you like on the cardboard.
I used a long box to guide me because I couldn't find my ruler :0)

I wanted mine as large as I could fit it on the board.

I cut it with an Xacto knife and lightly sanded the edges with a fine grit sand paper.
The I proceeded to painting it, I used gold because  I wanted a little bit of  glamour to show through when done but you can use  any other colour, of course.

The I cut the  fabric to fit the letter by placing it on top and tracing around it.

I used an old curtain that i had from previous projects.
A good place to find cheap lace is your local thrift shop, try it!
Note: If your fabric wasn't big enough to cover the whole letter, DON"T PANIC!, by the time you glue it on the board it won't show as bad, trust me.

Next, I glued and patched to cover the letter completely using the back of the letter to fold the extra fabric as shown.
TIP: try gluying the back of the letter, avoid the front because it will show through the lace, live and learn.

Yes, I ended up with a line across the mid-top of my letter but I was planning to cover it anyways...

I dressed my Letter with a burlap and lace bow I found at Micahels for $6/ meter and I glued a small embellishment on the center of the bow for extra sparkle.
I hope you found this tutorial easy to follow, please leave me a message below!


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