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An easy project for a wooden sign using graphite transfer over stained wood.

I'm going to teach you how to transfer your text onto the wood panel using a block of white graphite.
Learn how to make them following my step-by-step tutorial here...
Firstly you'll need a thin panel of wood, I found these ones at Walmart for about $4.00 each and they're the perfect size and style but you can use whatever you prefer, even plain planks of wood if you;re going for a more rustic look.

I painted  both sides with my  Martha Steward wood stain but again, use whatever you prefer, even opaque paint!

Although in my opinion, if you're using wood, why not showing the beautiful grain with just stain? !
Isn't it just gorgeous?

I decided to darken the edges of the scalloped panel for extra emphasis on the pretty shape and I used black milk paint because I couldn't find my regular black acrylic, my point, USE ANY BLACK PAINT! lol

See how it gave it a "kick"?!!

Well, now a little white to highlight it even more...
This time I used my white chalk marker, clean and precise, worked like a charm!

Now the hard part... ok, it really isn't hard at all, promise.
I  got me a block of white graphite from my local art shop ($7.00), it looked just like a piece of chalk but silkier and harder.

I then hand wrote the word "Reserved" on a regular piece of paper, I actually wrote it several times until I was satisfied with the look and  once it was ready I turned the sheet over and rubbed the white graphite to cover the entire word making sure it was completely covered with the powdery white graphite.

Then I  turned the sheet again and  taped it to my pretty scalloped panel of wood, MAKE SURE ITS TAPED SECURELY because you're about to transfer your text.
with a fine tip tool such a nail art tool or a light coloured pencil,  go over your text once. if it didn't transfer well, try it again using the same method.

I had to try twice until I got a clear transfer.

but I did get me a nice transfer, see??
Don't worry about the chalky powder, we're going to take care of that on our next step...

But first, make your transfer more permanent with a thicker coverage, I used my chalk marker for this project because i love the finer tip, it provides me with a precise, clean edge plus it's white over a dark stained background, perfect!

Here is where you must keep on brushing, wiping and writing.
To get a better more bold text, simply go over it a couple more times and brush off and wipe off the excess graphite between tries.

Next is the decorating of your sign.

I used a burlap ribbon and some silk flowers for an elegant, vintage feel.
hot glue works well for this project.

Be creative with this part of the project and most of all, have fun with it.
I know I did!

Leave me a comment and see ya next project!


  1. oh my! i love this, thank you for sharing.

  2. Wow...What a creative way.I seriously love your work..thanks you and keep sharing

  3. Gratitude for sharing the tutorial on how to make the WEDDING "reserved" SIGN. I loved how it turned out. At the local Los Angeles wedding venues my sister will have a DIY wedding soon and she would love to create this sign for the chair. I will share this tutorial with her.

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