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Mirror, mirror on the...tray?
I love the romantic, delicate looks of trays like this one!
I was looking for one but couldn't find it until I walked into my friend Stephanie's house one day and there it was, shiny and pretty, on her table top waiting to be...altered!!

Stephanie didn't hesitate to let it go and I didn't reject it when she offered :0)
This is a tutorial on decoupage on a mirror backing and this is how it went...
I first sprayed some bleach to the metal frame to "age" it a little more as it was too silver, too new and too shiny for  my project.
The bleach and the sun did the "aging" jut beautiful in a subtle way.

Next, I simply scratched off some of the black backing of the mirror with a wire bristle brush until I saw the coppery layer showing through. I recommend you do this in a round motion as it would show of the final product  and it would look better, trust me.

Next is the bleach and other corrosives..
I used household bleach (the laundry type) and "comet" (the stainless cleaner) and I used them together. The sun will speed up the corrosion process a bit too.


Next, I arranged a couple of music sheets to fit on the mirror backing overlapping them neatly.
I used Modepodge to glue it on the mirror glass but you use white school glue, its cheaper and it works just fine.

Now, you only need some dark paint to paint the backing to make sure the mirror will reflect the light properly again.

I used dark brown but you can use anything dark enough to create an opaque effect.

I sealed the painted backing to prevent it
from damaging but if you're not thinking on using it as a tray at all, this step wont be necessary.

and... VOILA!

I hope you enjoyed this project as much as I did making it!
Leave me your comments below.
Thanks, Victoria


  1. What a neat idea! I find many of these in my thrift store travels and most times the mirror is already super old and has bald spots, and now...Ill know exactly how to "fix" that, and add a little pop of fun all around my house! Esp old hanging mirrors! Thanks so much!

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