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 Mixed Media Craft For Wearing
If you ever come across a bamboo tile place mat at the dollar store or home decor shops, BUY IT!... I did, and I made these beautiful Pendants out of images and dimensional glue.
You can make them vertical or horizontal and if you use leather cording like I did, its perfect for people with sensitivity to alloys, like myself.
These pendants are water proof but not submersible... so don't go swimming or take showers with it on!!

 You can use your own images from magazines, books or printouts, you can even use designer's craft paper designs with colors and graphics you love like the ones below...

I have put together an Ebook for my followers to read explaining step by step  the process of making these beautiful tiles, you can see it online here: DIY-[BAMBOO TILE TUTORIAL]

or you can see it from my post below.

This is how I did it...

 If you wish to re-post my tutorial on your own Blog plase don't forget to mention, Thank you!


  1. Awesome idea! Hoping even my seniors can do this! Thank you so much.

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